Registration / Arrival:
Sunday, 26.07.2020 12:00am to 7:00pm at the Gertrud-von-le-Fort Gymnasium, Rubinger Str. 8, 87561 Oberstdorf.
There you will receive your participant ́s documents. Phone: +49 (0) 8322 – 959 2005

Course location:
Gertrud-von-le-Fort Gymnasium, Rubinger Str. 8, 87561 Oberstdorf. You also can reach the school via Alpgaustr. 28.
The canto master class will take place in the Musikschule, Alpgaustr. 28, right next to the Gymnasium.

Start of classes:
Monday, 27.07.2020, 9:00am at the Gertrud-von-le-Fort Gymnasium – cafeteria. There you will be welcomed and given your schedule by the tutors.

Practice Rooms:
In the adjacent Mittelschule there will be enough room for you to practice. You can put your name down in the roster. We kindly ask you to take care of the practice rooms. Practicing in the accomodation is not allowed, except you will be given the explicit permission by your resident.

You can purchase food and drinks in the school´s cafeteria that is open from 8:00am to 6:00pm.

Piano music scores:
We kindly ask you to bring all the piano music scores you want to study with the pianist by yourselves!!

By showing your member card, you can use the “Ortsbus - line 9000” for free. Exit: Sonthofener Str. / Burgbichl P1

Concerts & Events:
29.07.2020, 7:00 pm: Open stage in the Gymnasium
03.08.2020, 7:30 pm: concert with master class participants in the Oberstdorf Haus
05.08.2020, 6:00 pm & 8:00 pm: final concerts master classes in the Oberstdorf Haus

After the final concerts there will be a party for all the participants.

The selection who is playing at the above mentioned concerts is settled by the tutors.
In case of playing in the concerts, please take care of a concert dress.

Concerts Oberstdorfer Musiksommer:
There will be plenty of concert events in the Oberstdorf Haus during your stay. You are very welcome to visit the concerts unless they are sold out. By showing your member card you can enter for free.

End of classes: 05.08.2020

Departure: 06.08.2020

City map Oberstdorf

City map Oberstdorf

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